Why Work at GEMS?


Working with GEMS presents the employee with a training opportunity in an entirely new area of business – Third Party Administration services are a fast growing segment of the BPO industry and are set to grow with more and more companies choosing to outsource processes in order to  cut costs.

GEMS believes in training and honing the skill sets of its employees and conducts regular training sessions for its staff to achieve this objective. Being in a relatively young and growing organization gives the employee an opportunity for quick growth, Our open style of management encourages interaction between employees and management making for a dynamic and invigorating work experience.


GEMS bases its work culture on our values - Commitment and accountability to the customer, team work and a can-do attitude. These values guide our everyday actions in the workplace and make us a team worth being part of.


Working in the service industry, GEMS recognizes that human capital transforms companies and the quality of human capital differentiates the best from the rest. GEMS therefore  works to attract, develop and retain the best employees in our industry by continuosly striving to enhance the skills and competencies as well as personal growth and development of its employees. Employees have the opportunity to work across departments to gain exposure and this offers multiple growth options within the organization.

Candidates interested in exploring a career at GEMS can send their detailed CVs to career@gems.com.bh